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"I found it very quick and easy to learn. Very user-friendly. I love, love, love the real-time chat so if I get stuck on something I can get a quick response from an actual human and carry on with my work."

Nick van Dort 

I had a lot of fun making this page. Took about 30-40mins. It was easy. It also translates directly to mobile without me doing a thing. The last builder I used (a competitor) you had to design for each device. Seriously I've had a headache with two other LIfe time deals that are non-useable to a basic standard. Third time lucky. This works NOW! I really, really like using it. Simple and fast!

Joseph Best

FastPages is a super easy-to-use page builder. They have the best customer service I have ever come across. They respond within 5 minutes, always there to help you. I highly recommend FastPages.  

Jon Butter

Includes everything you need to start building today


Publish UNLIMITED pages

20.000 monthly visitors

Connect 3 domains

Templates & widgets

WordPress plugin

Add your custom code

SEO optimalisation

Chat- & e-mail support

Urgency pages

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Stack up to 5 of these deals and you'll get an extra 3 domains and 20,000 impressions per month for each one.

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Pay the equivalent of ten deals for unlimited domains and impressions. You'll never need to worry about maxing out, however much your business grows.

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If FastPages isn't right for you for any reason, send us an email in the first 30 days

and just tell us you'd like a refund. We'll give you one, no questions asked.



How many great ideas are lost at the bottom of your to-do list?


You're busy with your day to day work, and it's hard to figure out how to turn your shower thoughts and midnight light bulbs of inspiration into cash cannons.


You see opportunities everywhere, but it's hard to get started when you're worried about everything you'll have to put into them to see a return. As they sink to the bottom of your to-do list, the money you're leaving behind sinks with them.


And even if you can beak the spell of analysis paralysis. And you're able to carve out some valuable time, you know that without the right tools it's easy to get stuck along the way. Use the template library to get you off the starting blocks.


Go live in minutes. Start setting today.


What if you could launch your ebook, course, or lead gen campaign today. And give it its own place to live online without buying another Squarespace account, without getting lost in the WordPress weeds, and without throwing hundreds of dollars at help? Then you need the intuitive FastPages editor.


Hit the ground running without going through a bunch of 'how-to' videos. Launch your ebook, course or lead gen campaign today. On the domain of your choice. With enough time left over at the end of the day for a meal out, a glass of wine, or just a well-deserved nap.


Get it out there into the world, celebrate your win, catch up on sleep, and return to see leads, sales and sign-ups rolling in.





Increase conversions by up to 25%


The page builders you’ve tried before weren’t designed with the most important conversion tactic in mind —loading speed. It doesn’t matter how great your offer or design is if 1 in 4 visitors don’t even see it.


If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, your conversion rate drops by a revenue-crushing 25%.


With Fast Pages, customers see your offer in fractions of a second. Giving you an instant uplift in leads, sales or sign-ups.

Get better support from expert humans


You’d think paying a hefty monthly subscription would make it easy for you to get great live support from a company, but not every company makes that a priority. It's all too common for users to buy complex products and then find themselves alone in figuring out how to actually use them.


Some of them have Facebook communities or forums where you can ask their most helpful users to spend their own time helping you, but if no one's around, or you need someone to look inside your account to help you figure something out, you're on your own again.


We never want to leave our users feeling stuck that way, and we've built our business around making sure we never have to. When you need help figuring something out, our experts will be there to answer your questions. Real live humans are on hand to help figure it out step by step through live chat.




"I found it very quick and easy to learn. Very user-friendly. I love, love, love the real-time chat so if I get stuck on something I can get a quick response from an actual human and carry on with my work."

Grab this lifetime deal before we outgrow it.


FastPages is evolving. With so many new features, integrations and happy customers to help, you might wonder how can we give you such a low-cost deal.

The answer? Fast Pages continues to increase in price as we grow and we're able to provide new features and higher value, but we only increase the price for new customers.


This deal is a way to say thank you to the people who love our product and continue to help us grow. By becoming one of the early birds, you'll get everything Fast Pages has to offer now and in the future, without ever paying for an upgrade. There's so much more to come, and you'll get it all as we roll it out.

Get More Done. In Less Time. With Fewer Steps.


Skip The Fidgeting

Build beautiful pages, widgets, and forms in just a few clicks. Spend less time fidgeting with the technical details, and more on creating a great experience for your customers.


Convert Visitors Faster

Tests prove we're the fastest in the market. No more lost visitors due to slow loading times.


Link Up The Tools You Already Know

Automatically send leads from your forms into other tools like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and more than 1000 other popular apps our customers already use in their businesses every day.


Integrate And Customize

Enable third-party integrations like Google Analytics, or embed custom code for unlimited flexibility.

Integrate With Your Existing WordPress Site

Easily use what you build with Fast Pages inside your existing WordPress website with a single click using our easy-to-install plugin.


Create Dynamic Special Offers

Attach countdown clocks to your page to create a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to take action now or risk missing out.


Stay On Brand

Keep visuals and typography consistent across your entire campaign with simplified style syncing.


Use Your Own Domain

Connect your own domain and secure it to keep your customers' data safe. If you need help with the specifics, you can count on our support team to walk you through it.


Full Price: $1908


Limited Time Offer:

One Payment of $197




Backed by our 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Backed by our 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee

Questions? We've got answers...


What do I get buying this deal?
After you bought the deal you will get an e-mail from us with the link to register and a unique coupon code. Fill in your coupon to claim your lifetime deal and start making fast converting pages for your brand.


How lifetime is lifetime?
With lifetime, we mean lifetime. You'll also have access to all future updates. The only restrictions to this deal are the number of used sub-domains and the number of monthly page views. You can buy more deals to raise these numbers.


The deal is cheap, how can you offer such a cheap deal?
We are proud of our product and want to show the world what we've made. We want to reward early customers, build a steady user base and gain more user insights to make our product even better.


How can FastPages be so fast compared to others?
We've created a unique layer on our cloud infrastructure to guarantee the fastest pages. Together with Amazon CloudFront (a global CDN), compressed images and minified page sources, your page is lightning fast.


Can I get a SSL/HTTPS certificate for my campaign?
Yes, it's included in this deal! You're able to obtain an SSL-certificate for every domainname that has been connected to FastPages, with absolutely no costs.

Will I get access to future updates of FastPages?
Definitely! We will always make sure your account has access to the latest features and integrations.


Can I create a funnel or add multiple pages in a single project?
Absolutely! Every campaign can contain as many pages as needed, it's unlimited! With links and buttons, you're able to connect these pages



What happens if I exceed my monthly page views?
We will send you a notification by e-mail when 90% of your pageviews are reached. Then you can decide to upgrade.


You offer a 30 day money back guarantee, how do I get this back after I have tested and found that the product did not fit my needs?
It is always possible that you have other needs than we provide. We get that! The 30 money back guarantee is easy you just send us an e-mail requesting a refund. We will process your refund and confirm your e-mail. No questions asked, no hard feelings.


Are the pages optimized for Google ranking?
Yes, our technical page structure is SEO-optimized for reaching the best possible ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

More questions?


Reach out to us on